Medical Operative Report Coding

Operative Report Coding

Coding complex Medical Operative Reports Coding correctly can make or break the profitability of a procedure. In fact, it may end up COSTING you money if not done properly.

Let the experts at Medicare Coding do the coding for those expensive procedures and complex charts for you. We will ensure that:

You are billing for the RIGHT procedure.

Apply the correct bundling and unbundling rules on multiple procedures.

Appropriate documentation is used for each procedure per the Medicare requirements.

Procedures are correctly billed “bilaterally” vs. “unilaterally”.

The correct global surgical codes are applied.

The proper modifier is applied to post-operative visits and/or procedures

The RIGHT application of modifiers 51, 76 or 59.

We will get your medical operative reports done correctly, quickly and maximize your reimbursement potential.

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