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Medicare Coding

About Us…

For 25 years, we’ve helped over 20,000 Florida Practitioners and their staff, Medical Coders and Billers, Hospitals, Lawyers and Billing Companies to navigate the complex Medicare System to:

Optimize Medicare reimbursement

Avoid the administrative burden and defend against Medicare denials and audits

Provide for better patient care through improved knowledge of the Medicare system

We treat our clients like they care for their patients, by providing a full suite of Preventive, Diagnostic, and Treatment Services to ensure optimal health of their Medicare revenue cycle and maximize the Medicare coverage for their patients.

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We Excise the Pain and Complexity of Medicare

Lorraine Molinari

Before launching her Medicare consulting practice in 1988, Lorraine had already gained over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare industry in Florida, having served as Professional Relations Representative for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida in Dade and Monroe counties, Director of Physician Relations at the Dade County Medical Association and with the health care law firm of Matzner & Ziskind. Fondly known as the “Queen Bee of Medicare”, she is frequently called as an expert witness on Medicare fraud cases and can often be caught buzzing around the SE FL hospital scene as the keynote speaker for their Provider Open House events.

E-mail:  Phone: 954.967.8133

Donna Smith, CPC, CPC-I

A graduate of the FAU Health Administration Bachelor’s program, Donna has been managing the office, manning the Medicare Coding Hotline, and doing Credentialing and Chart Audits since 1998.

Email: Phone: 954.967.8133

Susan Fulton

After running her own private jet Hospitality company for 18 years, Susan recently flew-in to Medicare Coding to lead the Customer Service efforts and Credentialing process.

Email: Phone: 954.967.8133

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