Coding Query Service

Coding Query Service

Our Coding Query Service is designed to be your HOTLINE for your day-to-day questions about Medicare coding and medical billing. 99.7% of the time, we can give you an IMMEDIATE answer to questions like:

Why did I get denied on this claim?

What is the procedure code for this service or procedure?

How much does Medicare allow for this service?

Are there any modifiers that I need to use?

Is this service excluded from the Medicare deductible and/or co-insurance?

What are the covered diagnoses that go with this service or procedure?

Are there any special rules?

Can I bill this procedure with that procedure?

How do I document for this service and/or procedure?

Why is Medicare asking me for documentation?

Does this procedure need to be performed by a person with special credentials?

What does this letter from Medicare mean?

Can this service be billed by our Physician Assistant?

Can we collect the deductible, coinsurance and non-covered services from the patient at the time of service?

How can I check on the status of a claim?

Send us your questions by phone, email or fax; we’ve got the answers.

This service is available with a monthly or yearly subscription or can be charged on a per-call basis.

Coding Query

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